NanoSomiX has developed a unique suite of assays that can measure biomarkers from Brain Derived Exosomes (BDE) using a simple blood draw. The original research work was focused on a process to enrich Neuron Derived Exosomes (NDE) from the blood, and measure a specific panel of Alzheimer's disease-linked neurologic proteins present in the core of NDE. A body of published studies (see sidebar: Publications) demonstrates that this original research assay has significant potential as a clinical research assay.

NanoSomiX has now simplified the assay to measure plasma levels of BDE by a sandwich immunoassay utilizing 2 distinct antibodies directed toward transmembrane proteins. In one case, antibodies target a neuron associated protein and a common exosome protein to identify NDE. Studies show that levels of NDE in control subjects vary greatly from person to person, but remain relatively stable within a person over time and can be used to normalize other NDE-related biomarkers. This indicates that this assay may be used to monitor disease progression or therapeutic responses within an individual. It is clear however, that NDE levels do vary with age and this should be taken into account when evaluating blood NDE. Beyond assessment of NDE, NanoSomiX has expanded research assays to include astrocyte-derived exosomes (ADE) and oligodendrocyte-derived exosomes (ODE) as well as neurotransmitter-specific NDE, such as dopaminergic and serotonergic NDE. (see sidebar: Technology Overview)

Our development emphasis has been to translate these assays into testing platforms that can be performed on small quantities of plasma, have excellent reproducibility and consistency and are applicable to high-through-put systems.

We believe that this unique blood-based assay approach can be applied to a variety of brain cell biomarkers in support of research in basic and clinical applications. NanoSomiX is currently involved in several ongoing collaborative research projects in multiple settings with new markers and clinical applications. NanoSomiX is positioned to work with researchers and investigators under contract or research collaborations utilizing this novel technology to further the role of BDE in neurologic basic and clinical research.