NanoSomiX has developed a unique suite of assays that can measure biomarkers from Brain Derived Exosomes (BDE) using a simple blood draw. The original research work was focused on a process to measure a specific panel of Alzheimer's disease -linked neural proteins through the enrichment of Neuron Derived Exosomes (NDE) found in the blood. A body of published studies (see sidebar: Publications) demonstrates that this original research assay, with further development effort, has significant potential as a commercial assay for clinical use. NanoSomiX is using this platform technology to develop assays for use in several neurological disease states, including Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD), and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Our development emphasis has been to translate this original research into a testing platform that is high-throughput, with excellent reproducibility and consistency both inter- and intra-assay. Ongoing qualification studies within our CLIA laboratory will position these assays to be run as Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT). We've expanded the scope of this exosome enrichment technology to include the measurement of biomarkers from other brain cell types, such as Oligodendrocytes (ODE), Astrocytes (ADE) and Microglia (MDE). Further assay refinement has resulted in two distinct approaches; our ExoM assay that specifically measures membrane-associated biomarkers, and our ExoC assay that focuses on core proteins exclusively (see sidebar: Technology Overview).

We believe that our unique assay approach can also provide invaluable information to researchers that are seeking a way to measure their own unique brain biomarkers using a simple blood test. We currently have ongoing collaborative projects with several entities that have specific biomarkers that they would like to monitor for their own research applications. On a contract basis, our technical team will work with you to determine how the ExoM and ExoC assays can address your most challenging research applications in brain cell evaluation. We would be happy to discuss your project with you to see how we can help move your work forward.