Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain

The brain is the most complex and least understood organ in the body. NanoSomiX, Inc. is at the forefront in establishing an entirely new class of non-invasive testing to address the need for improved brain analytic tools for research and clinical applications using Brain Derived Exosomes (BDE). We are interested in working collaboratively with clinicians and researchers to use our blood-based assay technology to further biomarker exploration in neurologic disorders.

Exosomes are extremely small, membrane-bound vesicles produced by cells throughout the body. NanoSomiX is specifically focused on BDEs produced by various brain cell populations. A characteristic of BDEs is that they carry brain-produced biomarkers that relate to brain function and are released into the blood stream. As a result, BDE biomarker assessment can be done using a simple blood draw and can provide information on the status of tissue in the brain.

Our laboratory is working with both academic researchers and commercial companies to support ongoing research into biomarkers associated with various neurologic disorders and neurotrauma. Much of our contract work involves studies to confirm the detection of BDE biomarkers of interest, and to design protocols for diagnostic and monitoring applications. Working within a CLIA laboratory environment, we can provide a blood-based assay that is repeatable, cost effective and fits easily into a routine diagnostic or research environment.

Our proprietary exosome isolation and analysis technologies are covered by a series of recently granted patents, with several additional patent applications in process to cover various aspects of BDE processing and marker application. Using BDEs to explore clinical applications in neurologic disorders is supported by several peer-reviewed publications.